Electronic Assembly and Pick & Place and Electro-Mechanical Assembly

An entire range of electronic product development tools are available to our customers, from the procurement and placement of components on pre-manufactured PCB boards (including both manual or automatic placement), to the full bespoke development and turnkey requirements for bringing a complete product effectively to market.

We have the equipment and expertise to undertake any of the following tasks.

Chip on Board (Glob Top)
Surface Mount (SMT) PCB Assembly
Thru-Hole PCB Assembly
Prototype, Pre-Production and Volume Production
Product Servicing, Upgrading, Reconditioning and Repair

Any requirement that you may have can be fulfilled, with the wide range of services that we offer for all types of customer. Whether you just have a conceptual idea for a product, a plan of how it will be made or have already procured the PCB board or components, we can help. We offer all required processes for PCB production, from the Circuit Design, Microprocessors Firmware Programming, Board Design, CAD Design & SLA Modeling, Reflow Soldering and Fully Functioning Prototype work.
  • We offer full or partial turn-key production, including shared or full procurement of components, dependent on your specific requirements.

  • If you have either a PCB, components or indeed a product already designed, we can offer you our Surface Mount Technology and ‘Through Hole’ circuit board assembly line service, which allows us to expertly pick and place components onto a pre-designed board, either manually or via our three MyData machines. We have capabilities for 0402 package size and BGA placement.

  • Product re-work, repair or renovation can all be performed. If you need to update, upgrade, re-design or simply repair your products, we can work with you to realize the full potential of your products.

  • The volume range of a project is vast. We accept prototype work, volume production and pick & place work from as little as 10 boards per month, upwardly scaleable to over 40,000 boards for higher volume requirements.
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